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About the Author

Gay Gottlieb was born in Gloucestershire and spent her formative years in the country. She went to school in England and Switzerland and lived in Paris for some years.  Gay Gottlieb has always been very keen on animals.  from childhood she has had ponies and horses and competed successfully at showing and jumping from the age of eight.

A quote from Hamlet

But, look, the morn, in russet mantle clad, Walks o'er the dew of yon high eastward hill. Break we our watch up; and by my advice, Let us impart what we have seen here tonight.

About the Breed

Russetmantle Hungarian VizslaThis kennel has always aspired to and has proved the Russetmantles are dual purpose Hungarian Viszlas. This breed was originally bred in Hungary to hunt, point, and retrieve game. For those of us who wish to use his talents as a gundog in this country, bred right, he has proved himself invaluable on local shoots, beating, picking up, or field trailing, or as a trustworthy shooting companion.
His temperament should be lively, affectionate and highly intelligent. He makes a loving loyal pet, adores his family, and should be gently mannered. But he needs to be understood, he becomes bored very quickly, thus as a pet he can prove a handful if his brain is not occupied.
The Hungarian Viszla should be elegantly built, with an aristocratic air of distinguished and noble appearance, he should be robust, well muscled and have plenty of stamina.
His coat is short, smooth, and dense, the colour is russet gold blending magically with the Autumn tints, thus Russetmantle.